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package codecs

import ""


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codecs.go zstandard_enable.go

type Compressor Uses

type Compressor io.WriteCloser

Compressor is a WriteCloser where Close closes and releases Compressor state, potentially flushing final content to the underlying Writer, but does not Close or otherwise affect the underlying Writer.

func NewCodecWriter Uses

func NewCodecWriter(w io.Writer, codec pb.CompressionCodec) (Compressor, error)

NewCodecWriter returns a Compressor wrapping the Writer encoding with CompressionCodec.

type Decompressor Uses

type Decompressor io.ReadCloser

Decompressor is a ReadCloser where Close closes and releases Decompressor state, but does not Close or affect the underlying Reader.

func NewCodecReader Uses

func NewCodecReader(r io.Reader, codec pb.CompressionCodec) (Decompressor, error)

NewCodecReader returns a Decompressor of the Reader encoded with CompressionCodec.

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