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package labels

import ""

Package labels defines well-known label names and values of Gazette. Where sensible, recommended Kubernetes labels [1] are adopted by Gazette with identical meanings, but within the `` namespace.



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const (
    // ContentType of a journal, also known as a MIME or media-type. Must parse
    // as per RFC 1521. Only one ContentType label is allowed.
    ContentType = "content-type"

    // ContentType_CSV is the RFC 4180 mime type for CSV.
    ContentType_CSV = "text/csv"
    // ContentType_JSONLines is a ContentType for newline-delimited, JSON-encoded
    // messages. JSONLines is implemented by message.JSONFraming.
    ContentType_JSONLines = "application/x-ndjson"
    // ContentType_ProtoFixed is a ContentType for Protobuf messages delimited
    // by fixed header, consisting of a 4-byte "magic word" (for verifying stream
    // integrity) followed by a 4-byte little-endian message length, followed by
    // the packed Protobuf message. ProtoFixed is implemented by message.FixedFraming.
    ContentType_ProtoFixed = "application/x-protobuf-fixed"
    // ContentType_RecoveryLog is a ContentType for Gazette's recovery log encoding.
    // RecoveryLog is implemented by package `recoverylog`. To serve as a shard
    // recovery log, a JournalSpec must be labeled with ContentType_RecoveryLog.
    ContentType_RecoveryLog = "application/x-gazette-recoverylog"

    // MessageType of messages within the journal. Typically this will be a named
    // Protobuf message, struct name, or similar. Only one MessageType label
    // is allowed. If a MessageType label is present, a ContentType label must
    // also be present with a value drawn from FramedContentTypes.
    MessageType = ""
    // MessageSubType of messages of the journal. Applicable if the MessageType
    // represents a "union" composite type having multiple distinct sub-types.
    // MessageSubType names the specific subordinate type represented by messages
    // of the journal. Only one MessageSubType label is allowed, and if present,
    // than the MessageType label must be as well.
    MessageSubType = ""
    // Tag further refines or identifies journals and journal content. Multiple
    // user-defined Tag labels may be specified.
    Tag = ""
    // ManagedBy names the tool or process which manages a specification.
    // All changes to the specification should be relegated to the named of ManagedBy.
    // Only one ManagedBy label is allowed. Compare to
    ManagedBy = ""
    // Instance identifies the specific application release to which a
    // specification pertains. Instance labels allow multiple releases of an
    // application to co-exist in the same cluster. See also:
    // of Compare to
    Instance = ""
    // Region is the geographic region of the journal. Operators may wish to use
    // AWS, Azure, or GCP regions like "us-central1", "us-east-1", etc. Only one
    // Region label is allowed. Compare to
    Region = ""


var SingleValueLabels = map[string]struct{}{
    ContentType:    {},
    Instance:       {},
    ManagedBy:      {},
    MessageSubType: {},
    MessageType:    {},
    Region:         {},

SingleValueLabels identifies label names which must only have one label value within a specification.

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