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package documentation_examples

import ""


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func AggregationExamples Uses

func AggregationExamples(t *testing.T, db *mongo.Database)

AggregationExamples contains examples of aggregation operations.

func ChangeStreamExamples Uses

func ChangeStreamExamples(t *testing.T, db *mongo.Database)

ChangeStreamExamples contains examples of changestream operations.

func CommitWithRetry Uses

func CommitWithRetry(sctx mongo.SessionContext) error

CommitWithRetry is an example function demonstrating transaction commit with retry logic.

func DeleteExamples Uses

func DeleteExamples(t *testing.T, db *mongo.Database)

DeleteExamples contains examples of delete operations.

func IndexExamples Uses

func IndexExamples(t *testing.T, db *mongo.Database)

IndexExamples contains examples of Index operations.

func InsertExamples Uses

func InsertExamples(t *testing.T, db *mongo.Database)

InsertExamples contains examples for insert operations.

func ProjectionExamples Uses

func ProjectionExamples(t *testing.T, db *mongo.Database)

ProjectionExamples contains examples for specifying projections in find operations.

func QueryArrayEmbeddedDocumentsExamples Uses

func QueryArrayEmbeddedDocumentsExamples(t *testing.T, db *mongo.Database)

QueryArrayEmbeddedDocumentsExamples contains examples for querying fields with arrays and embedded documents.

func QueryArraysExamples Uses

func QueryArraysExamples(t *testing.T, db *mongo.Database)

QueryArraysExamples contains examples for querying array fields.

func QueryEmbeddedDocumentsExamples Uses

func QueryEmbeddedDocumentsExamples(t *testing.T, db *mongo.Database)

QueryEmbeddedDocumentsExamples contains examples for querying embedded document fields.

func QueryNullMissingFieldsExamples Uses

func QueryNullMissingFieldsExamples(t *testing.T, db *mongo.Database)

QueryNullMissingFieldsExamples contains examples for querying fields that are null or missing.

func QueryToplevelFieldsExamples Uses

func QueryToplevelFieldsExamples(t *testing.T, db *mongo.Database)

QueryToplevelFieldsExamples contains examples for querying top-level fields.

func RunCommandExamples Uses

func RunCommandExamples(t *testing.T, db *mongo.Database)

RunCommandExamples contains examples of RunCommand operations.

func RunTransactionWithRetry Uses

func RunTransactionWithRetry(sctx mongo.SessionContext, txnFn func(mongo.SessionContext) error) error

RunTransactionWithRetry is an example function demonstrating transaction retry logic.

func TransactionsExamples Uses

func TransactionsExamples(ctx context.Context, client *mongo.Client) error

TransactionsExamples contains examples for transaction operations.

func UpdateEmployeeInfo Uses

func UpdateEmployeeInfo(ctx context.Context, client *mongo.Client) error

UpdateEmployeeInfo is an example function demonstrating transactions.

func UpdateExamples Uses

func UpdateExamples(t *testing.T, db *mongo.Database)

UpdateExamples contains examples of update operations.

func WithTransactionExample Uses

func WithTransactionExample()

WithTransactionExample is an example of using the Session.WithTransaction function.

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