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package dns

import ""


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var DefaultResolver = &Resolver{net.LookupSRV, net.LookupTXT}

DefaultResolver is a Resolver that uses the default Resolver from the net package.

type Resolver Uses

type Resolver struct {
    // Holds the functions to use for DNS lookups
    LookupSRV func(string, string, string) (string, []*net.SRV, error)
    LookupTXT func(string) ([]string, error)

Resolver resolves DNS records.

func (*Resolver) GetConnectionArgsFromTXT Uses

func (r *Resolver) GetConnectionArgsFromTXT(host string) ([]string, error)

GetConnectionArgsFromTXT gets the TXT record associated with the host and returns the connection arguments.

func (*Resolver) ParseHosts Uses

func (r *Resolver) ParseHosts(host string, stopOnErr bool) ([]string, error)

ParseHosts uses the srv string to get the hosts.

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