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package propagation

import "go.opencensus.io/trace/propagation"

Package propagation implements the binary trace context format.


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func Binary Uses

func Binary(sc trace.SpanContext) []byte

Binary returns the binary format representation of a SpanContext.

If sc is the zero value, Binary returns nil.

func FromBinary Uses

func FromBinary(b []byte) (sc trace.SpanContext, ok bool)

FromBinary returns the SpanContext represented by b.

If b has an unsupported version ID or contains no TraceID, FromBinary returns with ok==false.

type HTTPFormat Uses

type HTTPFormat interface {
    SpanContextFromRequest(req *http.Request) (sc trace.SpanContext, ok bool)
    SpanContextToRequest(sc trace.SpanContext, req *http.Request)

HTTPFormat implementations propagate span contexts in HTTP requests.

SpanContextFromRequest extracts a span context from incoming requests.

SpanContextToRequest modifies the given request to include the given span context.

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