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package transform

import "go.opentelemetry.io/otel/exporters/otlp/internal/transform"

Package transform provides translations for opentelemetry-go concepts and structures to otlp structures.


Package Files

attribute.go instrumentation.go metric.go resource.go span.go


var (
    // ErrUnimplementedAgg is returned when a transformation of an unimplemented
    // aggregator is attempted.
    ErrUnimplementedAgg = errors.New("unimplemented aggregator")

    // ErrIncompatibleAgg is returned when
    // aggregation.Kind implies an interface conversion that has
    // failed
    ErrIncompatibleAgg = errors.New("incompatible aggregation type")

    // ErrUnknownValueType is returned when a transformation of an unknown value
    // is attempted.
    ErrUnknownValueType = errors.New("invalid value type")

    // ErrContextCanceled is returned when a context cancellation halts a
    // transformation.
    ErrContextCanceled = errors.New("context canceled")

    // ErrTransforming is returned when an unexected error is encoutered transforming.
    ErrTransforming = errors.New("transforming failed")

func Attributes Uses

func Attributes(attrs []label.KeyValue) []*commonpb.KeyValue

Attributes transforms a slice of KeyValues into a slice of OTLP attribute key-values.

func CheckpointSet Uses

func CheckpointSet(ctx context.Context, exportSelector export.ExportKindSelector, cps export.CheckpointSet, numWorkers uint) ([]*metricpb.ResourceMetrics, error)

CheckpointSet transforms all records contained in a checkpoint into batched OTLP ResourceMetrics.

func Record Uses

func Record(exportSelector export.ExportKindSelector, r export.Record) (*metricpb.Metric, error)

Record transforms a Record into an OTLP Metric. An ErrIncompatibleAgg error is returned if the Record Aggregator is not supported.

func Resource Uses

func Resource(r *resource.Resource) *resourcepb.Resource

Resource transforms a Resource into an OTLP Resource.

func ResourceAttributes Uses

func ResourceAttributes(resource *resource.Resource) []*commonpb.KeyValue

ResourceAttributes transforms a Resource into a slice of OTLP attribute key-values.

func SpanData Uses

func SpanData(sdl []*export.SpanSnapshot) []*tracepb.ResourceSpans

SpanData transforms a slice of SpanSnapshot into a slice of OTLP ResourceSpans.

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