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package repl

import "go.starlark.net/repl"

Package repl provides a read/eval/print loop for Starlark.

It supports readline-style command editing, and interrupts through Control-C.

If an input line can be parsed as an expression, the REPL parses and evaluates it and prints its result. Otherwise the REPL reads lines until a blank line, then tries again to parse the multi-line input as an expression. If the input still cannot be parsed as an expression, the REPL parses and executes it as a file (a list of statements), for side effects.


Package Files


func MakeLoad Uses

func MakeLoad() func(thread *starlark.Thread, module string) (starlark.StringDict, error)

MakeLoad returns a simple sequential implementation of module loading suitable for use in the REPL. Each function returned by MakeLoad accesses a distinct private cache.

func PrintError Uses

func PrintError(err error)

PrintError prints the error to stderr, or its backtrace if it is a Starlark evaluation error.

func REPL Uses

func REPL(thread *starlark.Thread, globals starlark.StringDict)

REPL executes a read, eval, print loop.

Before evaluating each expression, it sets the Starlark thread local variable named "context" to a context.Context that is cancelled by a SIGINT (Control-C). Client-supplied global functions may use this context to make long-running operations interruptable.

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