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package useragent

import "gocloud.dev/internal/useragent"

Package useragent includes constants and utilitiesfor setting the User-Agent for Go CDK connections to GCP.


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func AzureUserAgentPrefix Uses

func AzureUserAgentPrefix(api string) string

AzureUserAgentPrefix returns a prefix that is used to set Azure SDK User-Agent to help with diagnostics.

func ClientOption Uses

func ClientOption(api string) option.ClientOption

ClientOption returns an option.ClientOption that sets a Go CDK User-Agent.

func GRPCDialOption Uses

func GRPCDialOption(api string) grpc.DialOption

GRPCDialOption returns a grpc.DialOption that sets a Go CDK User-Agent.

func HTTPClient Uses

func HTTPClient(client *http.Client, api string) *http.Client

HTTPClient wraps client and appends a Go CDK string to the User-Agent header for all requests.

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