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package rdspostgres

import "gocloud.dev/postgres/rdspostgres"

Package rdspostgres provides connections to AWS RDS PostgreSQL instances.


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const Scheme = "rdspostgres"

Scheme is the URL scheme rdspostgres registers its URLOpener under on postgres.DefaultMux.

func Open Uses

func Open(ctx context.Context, provider rds.CertPoolProvider, params *Params) (*sql.DB, func(), error)

Open opens an encrypted connection to an RDS database.

The second return value is a Wire cleanup function that calls Close on the database and ignores the error.

type Params Uses

type Params struct {
    // Endpoint is the host/port of the RDS database, like
    // "myinstance.borkxyzzy.us-west-1.rds.amazonaws.com:5432".
    // If no port is given, then 5432 is assumed.
    Endpoint string

    // User is the database user to connect as.
    User string
    // Password is the database user password to use.
    Password string
    // Database is the PostgreSQL database name to connect to.
    Database string

    // Values sets additional parameters, as documented in
    // https://www.postgresql.org/docs/current/libpq-connect.html#LIBPQ-PARAMKEYWORDS.
    Values url.Values

    // TraceOpts contains options for OpenCensus.
    TraceOpts []ocsql.TraceOption

Params specifies how to connect to an RDS database.

type URLOpener Uses

type URLOpener struct {
    // TraceOpts contains options for OpenCensus.
    TraceOpts []ocsql.TraceOption

URLOpener opens RDS PostgreSQL URLs like "rdspostgres://user:password@myinstance.borkxyzzy.us-west-1.rds.amazonaws.com:5432/mydb".

func (*URLOpener) OpenPostgresURL Uses

func (uo *URLOpener) OpenPostgresURL(ctx context.Context, u *url.URL) (*sql.DB, error)

OpenPostgresURL opens a new RDS database connection wrapped with OpenCensus instrumentation.

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