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package types

import ""

Package types contains common types used by the Go continuous build system.


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type ActivePostSubmitBuild Uses

type ActivePostSubmitBuild struct {
    Builder   string `json:"builder"`            // "linux-amd64"
    Commit    string `json:"commit"`             // hash of commit being tested
    GoCommit  string `json:"goCommit,omitempty"` // hash of Go commit, or empty for the main repo
    StatusURL string `json:"statusURL"`

ActivePostSubmitBuild is a summary of an active build that the coordinator's doing. Each one is rendered on as a blue gopher which links to StatusURL to watch the build live.

type BuildRecord Uses

type BuildRecord struct {
    ID            string
    ProcessID     string
    StartTime     time.Time
    IsTry         bool // is trybot run
    IsSlowBot     bool // is an explicitly requested "slowbot" builder
    GoRev         string
    Rev           string // same as GoRev for repo "go"
    Repo          string // "go", "net", etc.
    Builder       string // "linux-amd64-foo"
    ContainerHost string // "" means GKE; "cos" means Container-Optimized OS
    OS            string // "linux"
    Arch          string // "amd64"

    EndTime    time.Time
    Seconds    float64
    Result     string // empty string, "ok", "fail"
    FailureURL string `datastore:",noindex"` // deprecated; use LogURL
    LogURL     string `datastore:",noindex"`

BuildRecord is the datastore entity we write both at the beginning and end of a build. Some fields are not updated until the end.

type BuildRevision Uses

type BuildRevision struct {
    // Repo is "go" for the main repo, else  "tools", "crypto", "net", etc.
    // These are repos as listed at
    Repo string `json:"repo"`

    // Revision is the full git hash of the repo.
    Revision string `json:"revision"`

    // GoRevision is the full git hash of the "go" repo, if Repo is not "go" itself.
    // Otherwise this is empty.
    GoRevision string `json:"goRevision,omitempty"`

    // Date is the commit date of this revision, formatted in RFC3339.
    Date string `json:"date"`

    // Branch is the branch of this commit, e.g. "master" or "dev.ssa".
    Branch string `json:"branch"`

    // GoBranch is the branch of the GoRevision, for subrepos.
    // It is empty for the main repo.
    // Otherwise it's of the form "master", "release-branch.go1.8", etc.
    GoBranch string `json:"goBranch,omitempty"`

    // Author is the author of this commit in standard git form
    // "Name <email>".
    Author string `json:"author"`

    // Desc is the commit message of this commit. It may be
    // truncated.
    Desc string `json:"desc"`

    // Results are the build results for each of the builders in
    // the same length slice BuildStatus.Builders.
    // Each string is either "" (if no data), "ok", or the URL to failure logs.
    Results []string `json:"results"`

BuildRevision is the status of a commit across all builders. It corresponds to a single row of

type BuildStatus Uses

type BuildStatus struct {
    // Builders is a list of all known builders.
    // The order that builders appear is the same order as the build results for a revision.
    Builders []string `json:"builders"`

    // Revisions are the revisions shown on the front page of,
    // in the same order. It starts with the "go" repo, from recent to old, and then
    // it has 1 each of the subrepos, with only their most recent commit.
    Revisions []BuildRevision `json:"revisions"`

BuildStatus is the data structure that's marshalled as JSON for the page.

type BuildletWaitStatus Uses

type BuildletWaitStatus struct {
    // Message is a free-form message to send to the user's gomote binary.
    // If present, all other fields are ignored.
    Message string `json:"message"`

    // Ahead are the number of waiters ahead of this buildlet request.
    Ahead int `json:"ahead"`

BuildletWaitStatus is the periodic messages we send to "gomote create" clients or show on trybot status pages to tell the user who long they're expected to wait.

type MajorMinor Uses

type MajorMinor struct {
    Major, Minor int

MajorMinor is a major-minor version pair.

func (MajorMinor) Less Uses

func (a MajorMinor) Less(b MajorMinor) bool

Less reports whether a is less than b.

type ReverseBuilder Uses

type ReverseBuilder struct {
    Name         string
    HostType     string
    ConnectedSec float64
    IdleSec      float64 `json:",omitempty"`
    BusySec      float64 `json:",omitempty"`
    Version      string  // buildlet version
    Busy         bool

type ReverseBuilderStatus Uses

type ReverseBuilderStatus struct {
    // Machines maps from the connected builder name (anything unique) to its status.
    HostTypes map[string]*ReverseHostStatus

ReverseBuilderStatus is

It is used by monitoring and the Mac VMWare infrastructure to adjust the Mac VMs based on deaths and demand.

func (*ReverseBuilderStatus) Host Uses

func (s *ReverseBuilderStatus) Host(hostType string) *ReverseHostStatus

type ReverseHostStatus Uses

type ReverseHostStatus struct {
    HostType  string // dashboard.Hosts key
    Connected int    // number of connected buildlets
    Expect    int    // expected number, from dashboard.Hosts config
    Idle      int
    Busy      int
    Waiters   int // number of builds waiting on a buildlet host of this type

    // Machines are all connected buildlets of this host type,
    // keyed by machine self-reported unique name.
    Machines map[string]*ReverseBuilder

ReverseHostStatus is part of ReverseBuilderStatus.

type SpanRecord Uses

type SpanRecord struct {
    BuildID string
    IsTry   bool // is trybot run
    GoRev   string
    Rev     string // same as GoRev for repo "go"
    Repo    string // "go", "net", etc.
    Builder string // "linux-amd64-foo"
    OS      string // "linux"
    Arch    string // "amd64"

    Event     string
    Error     string // empty for no error
    Detail    string
    StartTime time.Time
    EndTime   time.Time
    Seconds   float64

SpanRecord is a datastore entity we write only at the end of a span (roughly a "step") of the build.

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