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package types

import ""

Package types contains common types used by the Go continuous build system.


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type BuildRecord Uses

type BuildRecord struct {
    ID            string
    ProcessID     string
    StartTime     time.Time
    IsTry         bool // is trybot run
    GoRev         string
    Rev           string // same as GoRev for repo "go"
    Repo          string // "go", "net", etc.
    Builder       string // "linux-amd64-foo"
    ContainerHost string // "" means GKE; "cos" means Container-Optimized OS
    OS            string // "linux"
    Arch          string // "amd64"

    EndTime    time.Time
    Seconds    float64
    Result     string // empty string, "ok", "fail"
    FailureURL string `datastore:",noindex"` // deprecated; use LogURL
    LogURL     string `datastore:",noindex"`

BuildRecord is the datastore entity we write both at the beginning and end of a build. Some fields are not updated until the end.

type BuildRevision Uses

type BuildRevision struct {
    // Repo is "go" for the main repo, else  "tools", "crypto", "net", etc.
    // These are repos as listed at
    Repo string `json:"repo"`

    // Revision is the full git hash of the repo.
    Revision string `json:"revision"`

    // ParentRevisions is the full git hashes of the parents of
    // Revision.
    ParentRevisions []string `json:"parentRevisions"`

    // GoRevision is the full git hash of the "go" repo, if Repo is not "go" itself.
    // Otherwise this is empty.
    GoRevision string `json:"goRevision,omitempty"`

    // Date is the commit date of this revision, formatted in RFC3339.
    Date string `json:"date"`

    // Branch is the branch of this commit, e.g. "master" or "dev.ssa".
    Branch string `json:"branch"`

    // GoBranch is the branch of the GoRevision, for subrepos.
    // It is empty for the main repo.
    // Otherwise it's of the form "master", "release-branch.go1.8", etc.
    GoBranch string `json:"goBranch,omitempty"`

    // Author is the author of this commit in standard git form
    // "Name <email>".
    Author string `json:"author"`

    // Desc is the commit message of this commit. It may be
    // truncated.
    Desc string `json:"desc"`

    // Results are the build results for each of the builders in
    // the same length slice BuildStatus.Builders.
    // Each string is either "" (if no data), "ok", or the URL to failure logs.
    Results []string `json:"results"`

BuildRevision is the status of a commit across all builders. It corresponds to a single row of

type BuildStatus Uses

type BuildStatus struct {
    // Builders is a list of all known builders.
    // The order that builders appear is the same order as the build results for a revision.
    Builders []string `json:"builders"`

    // Revisions are the revisions shown on the front page of,
    // in the same order. It starts with the "go" repo, from recent to old, and then
    // it has 1 each of the subrepos, with only their most recent commit.
    Revisions []BuildRevision `json:"revisions"`

BuildStatus is the data structure that's marshalled as JSON for the page.

type MajorMinor Uses

type MajorMinor struct {
    Major, Minor int

MajorMinor is a major-minor version pair.

func (MajorMinor) Less Uses

func (a MajorMinor) Less(b MajorMinor) bool

Less reports whether a is less than b.

type ReverseBuilder Uses

type ReverseBuilder struct {
    Name         string
    HostType     string
    ConnectedSec float64
    IdleSec      float64 `json:",omitempty"`
    BusySec      float64 `json:",omitempty"`
    Version      string  // buildlet version
    Busy         bool

type ReverseBuilderStatus Uses

type ReverseBuilderStatus struct {
    // Machines maps from the connected builder name (anything unique) to its status.
    HostTypes map[string]*ReverseHostStatus

ReverseBuilderStatus is

It is used by monitoring and the Mac VMWare infrastructure to adjust the Mac VMs based on deaths and demand.

func (*ReverseBuilderStatus) Host Uses

func (s *ReverseBuilderStatus) Host(hostType string) *ReverseHostStatus

type ReverseHostStatus Uses

type ReverseHostStatus struct {
    HostType  string // dashboard.Hosts key
    Connected int    // number of connected buildlets
    Expect    int    // expected number, from dashboard.Hosts config
    Idle      int
    Busy      int
    Waiters   int // number of builds waiting on a buildlet host of this type

    // Machines are all connected buildlets of this host type,
    // keyed by machine self-reported unique name.
    Machines map[string]*ReverseBuilder

ReverseHostStatus is part of ReverseBuilderStatus.

type SpanRecord Uses

type SpanRecord struct {
    BuildID string
    IsTry   bool // is trybot run
    GoRev   string
    Rev     string // same as GoRev for repo "go"
    Repo    string // "go", "net", etc.
    Builder string // "linux-amd64-foo"
    OS      string // "linux"
    Arch    string // "amd64"

    Event     string
    Error     string // empty for no error
    Detail    string
    StartTime time.Time
    EndTime   time.Time
    Seconds   float64

SpanRecord is a datastore entity we write only at the end of a span (roughly a "step") of the build.

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