appPackage app lets you write portable all-Go apps for Android and iOS.
app/internal/apptestPackage apptest provides utilities for testing an app.
app/internal/testappSmall test app used by app/app_test.go.
assetPackage asset provides access to application-bundled assets.
bindPackage bind implements a code generator for gobind.
bind/javaPackage java implements the Java language bindings.
bind/objcPackage objc implements the Objective-C language bindings.
bind/seqPackage seq implements the machine-dependent seq serialization format.
cmd/gobindGobind generates language bindings that make it possible to call Go functions from Java and Objective-C.
cmd/gomobileGomobile is a tool for building and running mobile apps written in Go.
event/keyPackage key defines an event for physical keyboard keys.
event/lifecyclePackage lifecycle defines an event for an app's lifecycle.
event/mousePackage mouse defines an event for mouse input.
event/paintPackage paint defines an event for the app being ready to paint.
event/sizePackage size defines an event for the dimensions, physical resolution and orientation of the app's window.
event/touchPackage touch defines an event for touch input.
example/basicAn app that draws a green triangle on a red background.
example/bind/helloPackage hello is a trivial package for gomobile bind example.
example/flappyFlappy Gopher is a simple one-button game that uses the mobile framework and the experimental sprite engine.
example/networkAn app that paints green if is reachable when the app first starts, or red otherwise.
exp/app/debugPackage debug provides GL-based debugging tools for apps.
exp/audio/alPackage al provides OpenAL Soft bindings for Go.
exp/f32Package f32 implements some linear algebra and GL helpers for float32s.
exp/fontPackage font provides platform independent access to system fonts.
exp/gl/glutilPackage glutil implements OpenGL utility functions.
exp/sensorPackage sensor provides sensor events from various movement sensors.
exp/spritePackage sprite provides a 2D scene graph for rendering and animation.
exp/sprite/clockPackage clock provides a clock and time functions for a sprite engine.
exp/sprite/glspritePackage glsprite implements a sprite Engine using OpenGL ES 2.
exp/sprite/portablePackage portable implements a sprite Engine using the image package.
geomPackage geom defines a two-dimensional coordinate system.
glPackage gl implements Go bindings for OpenGL ES 2.0 and ES 3.0.
internal/binresPackage binres implements encoding and decoding of android binary resources.
internal/importersThe importers package uses go/ast to analyze Go packages or Go files and collect references to types whose package has a package prefix.
internal/importers/javaThe java package takes the result of an AST traversal by the importers package and queries the java command for the type information for the referenced Java classes and interfaces.
internal/importers/objcThe objc package takes the result of an AST traversal by the importers package and uses the clang command to dump the type information for the referenced ObjC classes and protocols.
internal/mobileinitPackage mobileinit contains common initialization logic for mobile platforms that is relevant to both all-Go apps and gobind-based apps.

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