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package dict

import ""

Package dict implements the Dictionary Server Protocol as defined in RFC 2229.


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type Client Uses

type Client struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

A Client represents a client connection to a dictionary server.

func Dial Uses

func Dial(network, addr string) (*Client, error)

Dial returns a new client connected to a dictionary server at addr on the given network.

func (*Client) Close Uses

func (c *Client) Close() error

Close closes the connection to the dictionary server.

func (*Client) Define Uses

func (c *Client) Define(dict, word string) ([]*Defn, error)

Define requests the definition of the given word. The argument dict names the dictionary to use, the Name field of a Dict returned by Dicts.

The special dictionary name "*" means to look in all the server's dictionaries. The special dictionary name "!" means to look in all the server's dictionaries in turn, stopping after finding the word in one of them.

func (*Client) Dicts Uses

func (c *Client) Dicts() ([]Dict, error)

Dicts returns a list of the dictionaries available on the server.

type Defn Uses

type Defn struct {
    Dict Dict   // Dict where definition was found
    Word string // Word being defined
    Text []byte // Definition text, typically multiple lines

A Defn represents a definition.

type Dict Uses

type Dict struct {
    Name string // short name of dictionary
    Desc string // long description

A Dict represents a dictionary available on the server.

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