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package mediamath

import "golang.org/x/oauth2/mediamath"

Package mediamath provides constants for using OAuth2 to access MediaMath.


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var Endpoint = oauth2.Endpoint{
    AuthURL:  "https://api.mediamath.com/oauth2/v1.0/authorize",
    TokenURL: "https://api.mediamath.com/oauth2/v1.0/token",

Endpoint is MediaMath's OAuth 2.0 endpoint for production.

var SandboxEndpoint = oauth2.Endpoint{
    AuthURL:  "https://t1sandbox.mediamath.com/oauth2/v1.0/authorize",
    TokenURL: "https://t1sandbox.mediamath.com/oauth2/v1.0/token",

SandboxEndpoint is MediaMath's OAuth 2.0 endpoint for sandbox.

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