benchcmpThe benchcmp command displays performance changes between benchmarks.
bundleBundle creates a single-source-file version of a source package suitable for inclusion in a particular target package.
callgraphcallgraph: a tool for reporting the call graph of a Go program.
compilebenchCompilebench benchmarks the speed of the Go compiler.
coverCover is a program for analyzing the coverage profiles generated by 'go test -coverprofile=cover.out'.
digraphThe digraph command performs queries over unlabelled directed graphs represented in text form.
egThe eg command performs example-based refactoring.
fiximportsThe fiximports command fixes import declarations to use the canonical import path for packages that have an "import comment" as defined by
getgoThe getgo command installs Go to the user's system.
getgo/serverCommand server serves, redirecting users to the appropriate getgo installer based on the request path.
go-contrib-initThe go-contrib-init command helps new Go contributors get their development environment set up for the Go contribution process.
godexThe godex command prints (dumps) exported information of packages or selected package objects.
godocGodoc extracts and generates documentation for Go programs.
goimportsCommand goimports updates your Go import lines, adding missing ones and removing unreferenced ones.
golspThe golsp command is an LSP server for Go.
gomvpkgThe gomvpkg command moves go packages, updating import declarations.
goplsThe gopls command is an LSP server for Go.
gopls/forwardThe forward command writes and reads to a gopls server on a network socket.
gorenameThe gorename command performs precise type-safe renaming of identifiers in Go source code.
gotypeThe gotype command, like the front-end of a Go compiler, parses and type-checks a single Go package.
goyaccGoyacc is a version of yacc for Go.
guruguru: a tool for answering questions about Go source code.
guru/serialPackage serial defines the guru's schema for -json output.
heapviewheapview is a tool for viewing Go heap dumps.
heapview/internal/corePackage core provides functions for reading core dumps and examining their contained heaps.
html2articleThis program takes an HTML file and outputs a corresponding article file in present format.
presentPresent displays slide presentations and articles.
splitdwarfSplitdwarf uncompresses and copies the DWARF segment of a Mach-O executable into the "dSYM" file expected by lldb and ports of gdb on OSX.
splitdwarf/internal/machoPackage macho implements access to Mach-O object files.
ssadumpssadump: a tool for displaying and interpreting the SSA form of Go programs.
stressThe stress utility is intended for catching sporadic failures.
stringerStringer is a tool to automate the creation of methods that satisfy the fmt.Stringer interface.
tipCommand tip is the server, serving the latest HEAD straight from the Git oven.
toolstashToolstash provides a way to save, run, and restore a known good copy of the Go toolchain and to compare the object files generated by two toolchains.

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