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package local

import ""

Package local provides an abstraction of a general filesystem. A Stow Container is a directory, and a Stow Item is a file.


The only information required in accessing a filesystem via Stow is the path of a directory.


Aside from providing stow.Dial with the correct Kind ("local"), a stow.Config instance is needed. This instance requires an entry with a key of stow.ConfigKeyPath and a value of the path of the directory.


There are local.location methods which allow the retrieval of one or more directories (Container or Containers). A stow.Item representation of a file can also be achieved (ItemByURL).

Additional methods provide capabilities to create and remove directories (CreateContainer, RemoveContainer).


Of a directory, methods of local.container allow the retrieval of its name (ID or Name) as well as one or more files (Item or Items) that exist within.

Additional local.container methods allow the removal of a file (RemoveItem) and the creation of one (Put).


Methods of local.Item allow the retrieval of quite detailed information. They are: - full path (ID) - base file name (Name) - size in bytes (Size) - file metadata (path, inode, directory, permission bits, etc) - last modified date (ETag for string, LastMod for time.Time) - content (Open)


Package Files

container.go doc.go filedata_linux.go item.go local.go location.go


const (
    MetadataPath       = "path"
    MetadataIsDir      = "is_dir"
    MetadataDir        = "dir"
    MetadataName       = "name"
    MetadataMode       = "mode"
    MetadataModeD      = "mode_d"
    MetadataPerm       = "perm"
    MetadataINode      = "inode"
    MetadataSize       = "size"
    MetadataIsHardlink = "is_hardlink"
    MetadataIsSymlink  = "is_symlink"
    MetadataLink       = "link"

Metadata constants describe the metadata available for a local Item.

const (
    ConfigKeyPath = "path"

ConfigKeys are the supported configuration items for local storage.

const Kind = "local"

Kind is the kind of Location this package provides.

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