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package encoding

import "gonum.org/v1/gonum/graph/encoding"

Package encoding provides a common graph encoding API.


Package Files

doc.go encoding.go

type Attribute Uses

type Attribute struct {
    Key, Value string

Attribute is an encoded key value attribute pair use in graph encoding.

type AttributeSetter Uses

type AttributeSetter interface {
    SetAttribute(Attribute) error

AttributeSetter is implemented by types that can set an encoded graph attribute.

type Attributer Uses

type Attributer interface {
    Attributes() []Attribute

Attributer defines graph.Node or graph.Edge values that can specify graph attributes.

type Builder Uses

type Builder interface {

Builder is a graph that can have user-defined nodes and edges added.

type MultiBuilder Uses

type MultiBuilder interface {

MultiBuilder is a graph that can have user-defined nodes and edges added.


digraph6Package digraph6 implements graphs specified by digraph6 strings.
dotPackage dot implements GraphViz DOT marshaling and unmarshaling of graphs.
graph6Package graph6 implements graphs specified by graph6 strings.
graphqlPackage graphql implements JSON marshaling and unmarshaling of graph as used by GraphQL

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