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package grpc

import "google.golang.org/api/transport/grpc"

Package grpc supports network connections to GRPC servers. This package is not intended for use by end developers. Use the google.golang.org/api/option package to configure API clients.


Package Files

dial.go dial_socketopt.go pool.go

func Dial Uses

func Dial(ctx context.Context, opts ...option.ClientOption) (*grpc.ClientConn, error)

Dial returns a GRPC connection for use communicating with a Google cloud service, configured with the given ClientOptions.

func DialInsecure Uses

func DialInsecure(ctx context.Context, opts ...option.ClientOption) (*grpc.ClientConn, error)

DialInsecure returns an insecure GRPC connection for use communicating with fake or mock Google cloud service implementations, such as emulators. The connection is configured with the given ClientOptions.

func WithConnPool Uses

func WithConnPool(p ConnPool) option.ClientOption

WithConnPool returns a ClientOption that specifies the ConnPool connection to use as the basis of communications.

This is only to be used by Google client libraries internally, for example when creating a longrunning API client that shares the same connection pool as a service client.

type ConnPool Uses

type ConnPool = internal.ConnPool // NOTE(cbro): type alias to export the type. It must live in internal to avoid a circular dependency.

ConnPool is a pool of grpc.ClientConns.

func DialPool Uses

func DialPool(ctx context.Context, opts ...option.ClientOption) (ConnPool, error)

DialPool returns a pool of GRPC connections for the given service. This differs from the connection pooling implementation used by Dial, which uses a custom GRPC load balancer. DialPool should be used instead of Dial when a pool is used by default or a different custom GRPC load balancer is needed. The context and options are shared between each Conn in the pool. The pool size is configured using the WithGRPCConnectionPool option.

This API is subject to change as we further refine requirements. It will go away if gRPC stubs accept an interface instead of the concrete ClientConn type. See https://github.com/grpc/grpc-go/issues/1287.

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