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package binarylog

import ""

Package binarylog implementation binary logging as defined in

Notice: All APIs in this package are experimental.


Package Files


func SetSink Uses

func SetSink(s Sink)

SetSink sets the destination for the binary log entries.

NOTE: this function must only be called during initialization time (i.e. in an init() function), and is not thread-safe.

type Sink Uses

type Sink interface {
    // Write marshals the log entry and writes it to the destination. The format
    // is not specified, but should have sufficient information to rebuild the
    // entry. Some options are: proto bytes, or proto json.
    // Note this function needs to be thread-safe.
    Write(*pb.GrpcLogEntry) error
    // Close closes this sink and cleans up resources (e.g. the flushing
    // goroutine).
    Close() error

Sink represents the destination for the binary log entries.

func NewTempFileSink Uses

func NewTempFileSink() (Sink, error)

NewTempFileSink creates a temp file and returns a Sink that writes to this file.



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