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package testutil

import ""

Package testutil include useful test utilities for the handshaker.


Package Files


func MakeFrame Uses

func MakeFrame(pl string) []byte

MakeFrame creates a handshake frame.

func NewTestConn Uses

func NewTestConn(in *bytes.Buffer, out *bytes.Buffer) net.Conn

NewTestConn creates a new instance of testConn object.

func NewUnresponsiveTestConn Uses

func NewUnresponsiveTestConn() net.Conn

NewUnresponsiveTestConn creates a new instance of unresponsiveTestConn object.

type Stats Uses

type Stats struct {
    MaxConcurrentCalls int
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Stats is used to collect statistics about concurrent handshake calls.

func (*Stats) Reset Uses

func (s *Stats) Reset()

Reset resets the statistics.

func (*Stats) Update Uses

func (s *Stats) Update() func()

Update updates the statistics by adding one call.

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