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package grpcsync

import ""

Package grpcsync implements additional synchronization primitives built upon the sync package.


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type Event Uses

type Event struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Event represents a one-time event that may occur in the future.

func NewEvent Uses

func NewEvent() *Event

NewEvent returns a new, ready-to-use Event.

func (*Event) Done Uses

func (e *Event) Done() <-chan struct{}

Done returns a channel that will be closed when Fire is called.

func (*Event) Fire Uses

func (e *Event) Fire() bool

Fire causes e to complete. It is safe to call multiple times, and concurrently. It returns true iff this call to Fire caused the signaling channel returned by Done to close.

func (*Event) HasFired Uses

func (e *Event) HasFired() bool

HasFired returns true if Fire has been called.

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