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package protoimpl

import ""

Package protoimpl contains the default implementation for messages generated by protoc-gen-go.

WARNING: This package should only ever be imported by generated messages. The compatibility agreement covers nothing except for functionality needed to keep existing generated messages operational. Breakages that occur due to unauthorized usages of this package are not the author's responsibility.


Package Files

impl.go version.go


const (
    // MaxVersion is the maximum supported version for generated .pb.go files.
    // It is always the current version of the module.
    MaxVersion = version.Minor

    // GenVersion is the runtime version required by generated .pb.go files.
    // This is incremented when generated code relies on new functionality
    // in the runtime.
    GenVersion = 20

    // MinVersion is the minimum supported version for generated .pb.go files.
    // This is incremented when the runtime drops support for old code.
    MinVersion = 0
const UnsafeEnabled = impl.UnsafeEnabled

UnsafeEnabled specifies whether package unsafe can be used.


var X impl.Export

type DescBuilder Uses

type DescBuilder = filedesc.Builder

Types used by generated code in init functions.

type EnforceVersion Uses

type EnforceVersion uint

EnforceVersion is used by code generated by protoc-gen-go to statically enforce minimum and maximum versions of this package. A compilation failure implies either that:

* the runtime package is too old and needs to be updated OR
* the generated code is too old and needs to be regenerated.

The runtime package can be upgraded by running:

go get

The generated code can be regenerated by running:

protoc --go_out=${PROTOC_GEN_GO_ARGS} ${PROTO_FILES}

Example usage by generated code:

const (
	// Verify that this generated code is sufficiently up-to-date.
	_ = protoimpl.EnforceVersion(genVersion - protoimpl.MinVersion)
	// Verify that runtime/protoimpl is sufficiently up-to-date.
	_ = protoimpl.EnforceVersion(protoimpl.MaxVersion - genVersion)

The genVersion is the current minor version used to generated the code. This compile-time check relies on negative integer overflow of a uint being a compilation failure (guaranteed by the Go specification).

type EnumInfo Uses

type EnumInfo = impl.EnumInfo

Types used by generated code to implement EnumType, MessageType, and ExtensionType.

type ExtensionFieldV1 Uses

type ExtensionFieldV1 = impl.ExtensionField

type ExtensionFields Uses

type ExtensionFields = impl.ExtensionFields

type ExtensionInfo Uses

type ExtensionInfo = impl.ExtensionInfo

type MessageInfo Uses

type MessageInfo = impl.MessageInfo

type MessageState Uses

type MessageState = impl.MessageState

Types embedded in generated messages.

type Pointer Uses

type Pointer = impl.Pointer

type SizeCache Uses

type SizeCache = impl.SizeCache

type TypeBuilder Uses

type TypeBuilder = filetype.Builder

type UnknownFields Uses

type UnknownFields = impl.UnknownFields

type WeakFields Uses

type WeakFields = impl.WeakFields

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