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package gokrb5

import "gopkg.in/jcmturner/gokrb5.v7"

Package gokrb5 provides a Kerberos 5 implementation for Go


Package Files



asn1toolsPackage asn1tools provides tools for managing ASN1 marshaled data.
clientPackage client provides a client library and methods for Kerberos 5 authentication.
configPackage config implements KRB5 client and service configuration as described at https://web.mit.edu/kerberos/krb5-latest/doc/admin/conf_files/krb5_conf.html
credentialsPackage credentials provides credentials management for Kerberos 5 authentication.
cryptoPackage crypto implements cryptographic functions for Kerberos 5 implementation.
crypto/commonPackage common provides encryption methods common across encryption types
crypto/etypePackage etype provides the Kerberos Encryption Type interface
crypto/rfc3961Package rfc3961 provides encryption and checksum methods as specified in RFC 3961
crypto/rfc3962Package rfc3962 provides encryption and checksum methods as specified in RFC 3962
crypto/rfc4757Package rfc4757 provides encryption and checksum methods as specified in RFC 4757
crypto/rfc8009Package rfc8009 provides encryption and checksum methods as specified in RFC 8009
gssapiPackage gssapi implements Generic Security Services Application Program Interface required for SPNEGO kerberos authentication.
ianaPackage iana provides Kerberos 5 assigned numbers.
iana/addrtypePackage addrtype provides Address type assigned numbers.
iana/adtypePackage adtype provides Authenticator type assigned numbers.
iana/asnAppTagPackage asnAppTag provides ASN1 application tag numbers.
iana/chksumtypePackage chksumtype provides Kerberos 5 checksum type assigned numbers.
iana/errorcodePackage errorcode provides Kerberos 5 assigned error codes.
iana/etypeIDPackage etypeID provides Kerberos 5 encryption type assigned numbers.
iana/flagsPackage flags provides Kerberos 5 flag assigned numbers.
iana/keyusagePackage keyusage provides Kerberos 5 key usage assigned numbers.
iana/msgtypePackage msgtype provides Kerberos 5 message type assigned numbers.
iana/nametypePackage nametype provides Kerberos 5 principal name type numbers.
iana/patypePackage patype provides Kerberos 5 pre-authentication type assigned numbers.
iana/trtypePackage trtype provides Transited Encoding Type assigned numbers.
kadminPackage kadmin provides Kerberos administration capabilities.
keytabPackage keytab implements Kerberos keytabs: https://web.mit.edu/kerberos/krb5-devel/doc/formats/keytab_file_format.html.
krberrorPackage krberror provides error type and functions for gokrb5.
messagesPackage messages implements Kerberos 5 message types and methods.
pacPackage pac implements Microsoft Privilege Attribute Certificate (PAC) processing.
servicePackage service provides server side integrations for Kerberos authentication.
spnegoPackage spnego implements the Simple and Protected GSSAPI Negotiation Mechanism for Kerberos authentication.
testPackage test provides useful resources for the testing of gokrb5.
typesPackage types provides Kerberos 5 data types.

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