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package ns1

import "gopkg.in/ns1/ns1-go.v2"

Package ns1 is the NS1 golang SDK.

To understand the REST models and terminology, please visit the ns1 web page:



Package Files



mockns1Package mockns1 provides utilities to run a mock service that emulates the NS1 API suitible for mock testing code that relies on the gopkg.in/ns1/ns1-go.v2 pacakge
restPackage rest defines the api services used to communicate with NS1.
rest/modelPackage model defines structures for interacting with the NS1 API.
rest/model/accountPackage account contains definitions for NS1 apikeys/teams/users/etc.
rest/model/dataPackage data contains definitions for NS1 metadata/sources/feeds/etc.
rest/model/dhcpPackage dhcp contains definitions for scope groups, scopes, etc.
rest/model/dnsPackage dns contains definitions for NS1 zones/records/answers/etc.
rest/model/filterPackage filter contains definitions for NS1 filter chains.
rest/model/ipamPackage ipam contains definitions for networks, addresses, etc.
rest/model/monitorPackage monitor contains definitions for NS1 monitoring jobs.

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