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package url

import "gopkg.in/src-d/go-git.v4/internal/url"


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func FindScpLikeComponents Uses

func FindScpLikeComponents(url string) (user, host, port, path string)

FindScpLikeComponents returns the user, host, port and path of the given SCP-like URL.

func IsLocalEndpoint Uses

func IsLocalEndpoint(url string) bool

IsLocalEndpoint returns true if the given URL string specifies a local file endpoint. For example, on a Linux machine, `/home/user/src/go-git` would match as a local endpoint, but `https://github.com/src-d/go-git` would not.

func MatchesScheme Uses

func MatchesScheme(url string) bool

MatchesScheme returns true if the given string matches a URL-like format scheme.

func MatchesScpLike Uses

func MatchesScpLike(url string) bool

MatchesScpLike returns true if the given string matches an SCP-like format scheme.

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