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package env

import "gopkg.in/src-d/go-vitess.v1/vt/env"


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const (
    // DefaultVtDataRoot is the default value for VTROOT environment variable
    DefaultVtDataRoot = "/vt"

func VtDataRoot Uses

func VtDataRoot() string

VtDataRoot returns $VTDATAROOT or the default if $VTDATAROOT is not set. VtDataRoot does not check if the directory exists and is writable.

func VtMysqlBaseDir Uses

func VtMysqlBaseDir() (string, error)

VtMysqlBaseDir returns the Mysql base directory, which contains the fill_help_tables.sql script for instance

func VtMysqlRoot Uses

func VtMysqlRoot() (string, error)

VtMysqlRoot returns the root for the mysql distribution, which contains bin/mysql CLI for instance.

func VtRoot Uses

func VtRoot() (root string, err error)

VtRoot returns $VTROOT or tries to guess its value if it's not set. This is the root for the 'vt' distribution, which contains bin/vttablet for instance.

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