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package grpccommon

import "gopkg.in/src-d/go-vitess.v1/vt/grpccommon"


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var (

    // MaxMessageSize is the maximum message size which the gRPC server will
    // accept. Larger messages will be rejected.
    // Note: We're using 16 MiB as default value because that's the default in MySQL
    MaxMessageSize = flag.Int("grpc_max_message_size", defaultMaxMessageSize, "Maximum allowed RPC message size. Larger messages will be rejected by gRPC with the error 'exceeding the max size'.")
    // EnableTracing sets a flag to enable grpc client/server tracing.
    EnableTracing = flag.Bool("grpc_enable_tracing", false, "Enable GRPC tracing")

    // EnableGRPCPrometheus sets a flag to enable grpc client/server grpc monitoring.
    EnableGRPCPrometheus = flag.Bool("grpc_prometheus", false, "Enable gRPC monitoring with Prometheus")

func EnableTracingOpt Uses

func EnableTracingOpt()

EnableTracingOpt enables grpc tracing if requested. It must be called before any grpc server or client is created but is safe to be called multiple times.

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