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package tabletenv

import "gopkg.in/src-d/go-vitess.v1/vt/vttablet/tabletserver/tabletenv"

Package tabletenv maintains environment variables and types that are common for all packages of tabletserver.


Package Files

config.go local_context.go logstats.go tabletenv.go


const (
    // QuerySourceConsolidator means query result is found in consolidator.
    QuerySourceConsolidator = 1 << iota
    // QuerySourceMySQL means query result is returned from MySQL.


var (

    // TxLogger can be used to enable logging of transactions.
    // Call TxLogger.ServeLogs in your main program to enable logging.
    // The log format can be inferred by looking at TxConnection.Format.
    TxLogger = streamlog.New("TxLog", 10)

    // StatsLogger is the main stream logger object
    StatsLogger = streamlog.New("TabletServer", 50)
var (
    // MySQLStats shows the time histogram for operations spent on mysql side.
    MySQLStats = stats.NewTimings("Mysql", "MySQl query time", "operation")
    // QueryStats shows the time histogram for each type of queries.
    QueryStats = stats.NewTimings("Queries", "MySQL query timings", "plan_type")
    // QPSRates shows the qps of QueryStats. Sample every 5 seconds and keep samples for up to 15 mins.
    QPSRates = stats.NewRates("QPS", QueryStats, 15*60/5, 5*time.Second)
    // WaitStats shows the time histogram for wait operations
    WaitStats = stats.NewTimings("Waits", "Wait operations", "type")
    // KillStats shows number of connections being killed.
    KillStats = stats.NewCountersWithSingleLabel("Kills", "Number of connections being killed", "query_type", "Transactions", "Queries")
    // ErrorStats shows number of critial errors happened.
    ErrorStats = stats.NewCountersWithSingleLabel(
        "Critical errors",
    // InternalErrors shows number of errors from internal components.
    InternalErrors = stats.NewCountersWithSingleLabel("InternalErrors", "Internal component errors", "type", "Task", "StrayTransactions", "Panic", "HungQuery", "Schema", "TwopcCommit", "TwopcResurrection", "WatchdogFail", "Messages")
    // Warnings shows number of warnings
    Warnings = stats.NewCountersWithSingleLabel("Warnings", "Warnings", "type", "ResultsExceeded")
    // Unresolved tracks unresolved items. For now it's just Prepares.
    Unresolved = stats.NewGaugesWithSingleLabel("Unresolved", "Unresolved items", "item_type", "Prepares")
    // UserTableQueryCount shows number of queries received for each CallerID/table combination.
    UserTableQueryCount = stats.NewCountersWithMultiLabels(
        "Queries received for each CallerID/table combination",
        []string{"TableName", "CallerID", "Type"})
    // UserTableQueryTimesNs shows total latency for each CallerID/table combination.
    UserTableQueryTimesNs = stats.NewCountersWithMultiLabels(
        "Total latency for each CallerID/table combination",
        []string{"TableName", "CallerID", "Type"})
    // UserTransactionCount shows number of transactions received for each CallerID.
    UserTransactionCount = stats.NewCountersWithMultiLabels(
        "transactions received for each CallerID",
        []string{"CallerID", "Conclusion"})
    // UserTransactionTimesNs shows total transaction latency for each CallerID.
    UserTransactionTimesNs = stats.NewCountersWithMultiLabels(
        "Total transaction latency for each CallerID",
        []string{"CallerID", "Conclusion"})
    // ResultStats shows the histogram of number of rows returned.
    ResultStats = stats.NewHistogram("Results",
        "Distribution of rows returned",
        []int64{0, 1, 5, 10, 50, 100, 500, 1000, 5000, 10000})
    // TableaclAllowed tracks the number allows.
    TableaclAllowed = stats.NewCountersWithMultiLabels(
        "ACL acceptances",
        []string{"TableName", "TableGroup", "PlanID", "Username"})
    // TableaclDenied tracks the number of denials.
    TableaclDenied = stats.NewCountersWithMultiLabels(
        "ACL denials",
        []string{"TableName", "TableGroup", "PlanID", "Username"})
    // TableaclPseudoDenied tracks the number of pseudo denies.
    TableaclPseudoDenied = stats.NewCountersWithMultiLabels(
        "ACL pseudodenials",
        []string{"TableName", "TableGroup", "PlanID", "Username"})
    // Infof can be overridden during tests
    Infof = log.Infof
    // Warningf can be overridden during tests
    Warningf = log.Warningf
    // Errorf can be overridden during tests
    Errorf = log.Errorf
var DefaultQsConfig = TabletConfig{
    PoolSize:                16,
    StreamPoolSize:          200,
    MessagePoolSize:         5,
    TransactionCap:          20,
    MessagePostponeCap:      4,
    FoundRowsPoolSize:       20,
    TransactionTimeout:      30,
    TxShutDownGracePeriod:   0,
    MaxResultSize:           10000,
    WarnResultSize:          0,
    MaxDMLRows:              500,
    PassthroughDMLs:         false,
    AllowUnsafeDMLs:         false,
    QueryPlanCacheSize:      5000,
    SchemaReloadTime:        30 * 60,
    QueryTimeout:            30,
    QueryPoolTimeout:        0,
    TxPoolTimeout:           1,
    IdleTimeout:             30 * 60,
    QueryPoolWaiterCap:      50000,
    TxPoolWaiterCap:         50000,
    StreamBufferSize:        32 * 1024,
    StrictTableACL:          false,
    TerseErrors:             false,
    EnableAutoCommit:        false,
    EnableTableACLDryRun:    false,
    PoolNamePrefix:          "",
    TableACLExemptACL:       "",
    WatchReplication:        false,
    TwoPCEnable:             false,
    TwoPCCoordinatorAddress: "",
    TwoPCAbandonAge:         0,

    EnableTxThrottler:           false,
    TxThrottlerConfig:           defaultTxThrottlerConfig(),
    TxThrottlerHealthCheckCells: []string{},

    EnableHotRowProtection:       false,
    EnableHotRowProtectionDryRun: false,

    HotRowProtectionMaxQueueSize:       20,
    HotRowProtectionMaxGlobalQueueSize: 1000,

    HotRowProtectionConcurrentTransactions: 5,

    TransactionLimitConfig: defaultTransactionLimitConfig(),

    HeartbeatEnable:   false,
    HeartbeatInterval: 1 * time.Second,

    EnforceStrictTransTables: true,
    EnableConsolidator:       true,

DefaultQsConfig is the default value for the query service config. The value for StreamBufferSize was chosen after trying out a few of them. Too small buffers force too many packets to be sent. Too big buffers force the clients to read them in multiple chunks and make memory copies. so with the encoding overhead, this seems to work great (the overhead makes the final packets on the wire about twice bigger than this).

func Init Uses

func Init()

Init must be called after flag.Parse, and before doing any other operations.

func IsLocalContext Uses

func IsLocalContext(ctx context.Context) bool

IsLocalContext returns true if the context is based on LocalContext.

func LocalContext Uses

func LocalContext() context.Context

LocalContext returns a context that's local to the process.

func LogError Uses

func LogError()

LogError logs panics and increments InternalErrors.

func RecordUserQuery Uses

func RecordUserQuery(ctx context.Context, tableName sqlparser.TableIdent, queryType string, duration int64)

RecordUserQuery records the query data against the user.

func VerifyConfig Uses

func VerifyConfig() error

VerifyConfig checks "Config" for contradicting flags.

type LogStats Uses

type LogStats struct {
    Ctx           context.Context
    Method        string
    Target        *querypb.Target
    PlanType      string
    OriginalSQL   string
    BindVariables map[string]*querypb.BindVariable

    RowsAffected         int
    NumberOfQueries      int
    StartTime            time.Time
    EndTime              time.Time
    MysqlResponseTime    time.Duration
    WaitingForConnection time.Duration
    QuerySources         byte
    Rows                 [][]sqltypes.Value
    TransactionID        int64
    Error                error
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

LogStats records the stats for a single query

func NewLogStats Uses

func NewLogStats(ctx context.Context, methodName string) *LogStats

NewLogStats constructs a new LogStats with supplied Method and ctx field values, and the StartTime field set to the present time.

func (*LogStats) AddRewrittenSQL Uses

func (stats *LogStats) AddRewrittenSQL(sql string, start time.Time)

AddRewrittenSQL adds a single sql statement to the rewritten list

func (*LogStats) CallInfo Uses

func (stats *LogStats) CallInfo() (string, string)

CallInfo returns some parts of CallInfo if set

func (*LogStats) Context Uses

func (stats *LogStats) Context() context.Context

Context returns the context used by LogStats.

func (*LogStats) ContextHTML Uses

func (stats *LogStats) ContextHTML() template.HTML

ContextHTML returns the HTML version of the context that was used, or "". This is a method on LogStats instead of a field so that it doesn't need to be passed by value everywhere.

func (*LogStats) EffectiveCaller Uses

func (stats *LogStats) EffectiveCaller() string

EffectiveCaller returns the effective caller stored in LogStats.Ctx

func (*LogStats) ErrorStr Uses

func (stats *LogStats) ErrorStr() string

ErrorStr returns the error string or ""

func (*LogStats) EventTime Uses

func (stats *LogStats) EventTime() time.Time

EventTime returns the time the event was created.

func (*LogStats) FmtQuerySources Uses

func (stats *LogStats) FmtQuerySources() string

FmtQuerySources returns a comma separated list of query sources. If there were no query sources, it returns the string "none".

func (*LogStats) ImmediateCaller Uses

func (stats *LogStats) ImmediateCaller() string

ImmediateCaller returns the immediate caller stored in LogStats.Ctx

func (*LogStats) Logf Uses

func (stats *LogStats) Logf(w io.Writer, params url.Values) error

Logf formats the log record to the given writer, either as tab-separated list of logged fields or as JSON.

func (*LogStats) RewrittenSQL Uses

func (stats *LogStats) RewrittenSQL() string

RewrittenSQL returns a semicolon separated list of SQL statements that were executed.

func (*LogStats) Send Uses

func (stats *LogStats) Send()

Send finalizes a record and sends it

func (*LogStats) SizeOfResponse Uses

func (stats *LogStats) SizeOfResponse() int

SizeOfResponse returns the approximate size of the response in bytes (this does not take in account protocol encoding). It will return 0 for streaming requests.

func (*LogStats) TotalTime Uses

func (stats *LogStats) TotalTime() time.Duration

TotalTime returns how long this query has been running

type TabletConfig Uses

type TabletConfig struct {
    PoolSize                int
    StreamPoolSize          int
    MessagePoolSize         int
    TransactionCap          int
    MessagePostponeCap      int
    FoundRowsPoolSize       int
    TransactionTimeout      float64
    TxShutDownGracePeriod   float64
    MaxResultSize           int
    WarnResultSize          int
    MaxDMLRows              int
    PassthroughDMLs         bool
    AllowUnsafeDMLs         bool
    StreamBufferSize        int
    QueryPlanCacheSize      int
    SchemaReloadTime        float64
    QueryTimeout            float64
    QueryPoolTimeout        float64
    TxPoolTimeout           float64
    IdleTimeout             float64
    QueryPoolWaiterCap      int
    TxPoolWaiterCap         int
    StrictTableACL          bool
    TerseErrors             bool
    EnableAutoCommit        bool
    EnableTableACLDryRun    bool
    PoolNamePrefix          string
    TableACLExemptACL       string
    WatchReplication        bool
    TwoPCEnable             bool
    TwoPCCoordinatorAddress string
    TwoPCAbandonAge         float64

    EnableTxThrottler           bool
    TxThrottlerConfig           string
    TxThrottlerHealthCheckCells []string

    EnableHotRowProtection                 bool
    EnableHotRowProtectionDryRun           bool
    HotRowProtectionMaxQueueSize           int
    HotRowProtectionMaxGlobalQueueSize     int
    HotRowProtectionConcurrentTransactions int


    HeartbeatEnable   bool
    HeartbeatInterval time.Duration

    EnforceStrictTransTables bool
    EnableConsolidator       bool

TabletConfig contains all the configuration for query service

var Config TabletConfig

Config contains all the current config values. It's read-only, except for tests.

type TransactionLimitConfig Uses

type TransactionLimitConfig struct {
    EnableTransactionLimit         bool
    EnableTransactionLimitDryRun   bool
    TransactionLimitPerUser        float64
    TransactionLimitByUsername     bool
    TransactionLimitByPrincipal    bool
    TransactionLimitByComponent    bool
    TransactionLimitBySubcomponent bool

TransactionLimitConfig captures configuration of transaction pool slots limiter configuration.

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