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package fakevtworkerclient

import "gopkg.in/src-d/go-vitess.v1/vt/worker/fakevtworkerclient"

Package fakevtworkerclient contains a fake for the vtworkerclient interface.


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type FakeVtworkerClient Uses

type FakeVtworkerClient struct {

FakeVtworkerClient is a fake which implements the vtworkerclient interface. The fake can be used to return a specific result for a given command. If the command is not registered, an error will be thrown.

func NewFakeVtworkerClient Uses

func NewFakeVtworkerClient() *FakeVtworkerClient

NewFakeVtworkerClient creates a FakeVtworkerClient struct.

func (*FakeVtworkerClient) FakeVtworkerClientFactory Uses

func (f *FakeVtworkerClient) FakeVtworkerClientFactory(addr string) (vtworkerclient.Client, error)

FakeVtworkerClientFactory returns the current instance and stores the dialed server address in an outer struct.

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