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package encoding

import "gorgonia.org/gorgonia/internal/encoding"


Package Files

constants.go groups.go


var (
    // UndefinedCluster ...
    UndefinedCluster = NewGroup("UndefinedCluster")
    // ExprGraphCluster is the default cluster
    ExprGraphCluster = NewGroup("ExprGraphCluster ")
    // ConstantCluster is the group of nodes that represents constants
    ConstantCluster = NewGroup("Constants ")
    // InputCluster is the group of nodes that are expecting values
    InputCluster = NewGroup("Inputs ")
    // GradientCluster ...
    GradientCluster = NewGroup("Gradients ")
    // StrayCluster ...
    StrayCluster = NewGroup("Undifferentiated nodes ")

type Group Uses

type Group struct {
    ID        int
    IsPrimary bool
    Name      string

Group represent a cluster of elements

func NewGroup Uses

func NewGroup(name string) Group

NewGroup creates a new group with a generated ID

type Grouper Uses

type Grouper interface {
    Groups() Groups

Grouper is any object that can claim itself as being part of a group

type Groups Uses

type Groups []Group

Groups is a bag of groups

func (*Groups) Have Uses

func (g *Groups) Have(grp Group) bool

Have returns true if GroupID is in groups

func (*Groups) Upsert Uses

func (g *Groups) Upsert(grp Group)

Upsert the GroupID in the groups

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