hiboot: hidevops.io/hiboot/pkg


appPackage app provides abstract layer for cli/web application
app/cliPackage cli provides quick start framework for command line application.
app/fakePackage fake provides fake.ApplicationContext for unit testing
app/webPackage web provides quick start framework for web application.
atPackage at provides annotations for struct, function, or method
factoryPackage factory provides hiboot factory interface
factory/autoconfigurePackage autoconfigure implement ConfigurableFactory
factory/dependsPackage depends provides dependency resolver for factory
factory/depends/barPackage bar is the test package for package depends
factory/depends/fakePackage fake is the test package for package depends
factory/depends/fooPackage foo is the test package for package depends
factory/instantiatePackage instantiate implement InstantiateFactory
injectPackage inject implements dependency injection.
logPackage log provides logging with level debug, info, warn, error, fatal.
modelPackage model provides common request and response models.
starterPackage starter provides quick starters for hiboot cli/web application.
starter/actuatorPackage actuator provide the health check endpoint for web application
starter/grpcPackage grpc provides the hiboot starter for injectable grpc client and server dependency
starter/grpc/mockgrpcPackage mockgrpc is a generated GoMock package.
starter/jwtPackage jwt provides the hiboot starter for injectable jwt dependency
starter/localePackage locale provides the hiboot starter for injectable locale (i18n) dependency
starter/loggingPackage logging provides the hiboot starter for injectable logging dependency
starter/websocketPackage websocket provides web socket auto configuration for web/cli application
systemPackage system provides system builder which response for properties dependency injection.
system/typesPackage types provides all const types name
utilsPackage utils provides useful utilities
utils/cmapPackage cmap provides concurrent map
utils/copierPackage copier provides utility that copy element between structs
utils/cryptoPackage crypto provides crypto encryption/decryption utilities
utils/crypto/aesPackage aes provides aes encryption/decryption utilities
utils/crypto/base64Package base64 provides base64 encryption/decryption utilities
utils/crypto/md5Package md5 provides md5 encryption utilities
utils/crypto/rsaPackage rsa provides rsa encryption/decryption utilities
utils/gotestPackage gotest provides function to check whether is running in go test mode.
utils/idgenPackage idgen provides unique id generation utilities that use twitter's snowflake algorithm
utils/ioPackage io provides file or directory io utilities.
utils/mapstructPackage mapstruct provides utilities that decode map and inject values into struct
utils/reflectorPackage reflector provides utilities for reflection
utils/replacerPackage replacer provides utilities that replace the reference and environment variables with its value
utils/sortPackage sort provides utility that sort slice by length
utils/strPackage str provides enhanced string utilities
utils/validatorPackage validator provides data validation utilities

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