Go: internal


cpuPackage cpu implements processor feature detection used by the Go standard library.
fmtsortPackage fmtsort provides a general stable ordering mechanism for maps, on behalf of the fmt and text/template packages.
nettracePackage nettrace contains internal hooks for tracing activity in the net package.
pollPackage poll supports non-blocking I/O on file descriptors with polling.
racePackage race contains helper functions for manually instrumenting code for the race detector.
singleflightPackage singleflight provides a duplicate function call suppression mechanism.
syscall/windows/registryPackage registry provides access to the Windows registry.
syscall/windows/sysdllPackage sysdll is an internal leaf package that records and reports which Windows DLL names are used by Go itself.
testenvPackage testenv provides information about what functionality is available in different testing environments run by the Go team.
testlogPackage testlog provides a back-channel communication path between tests and package os, so that cmd/go can see which environment variables and files a test consults.
xcoffPackage xcoff implements access to XCOFF (Extended Common Object File Format) files.
x/crypto/chacha20poly1305Package chacha20poly1305 implements the ChaCha20-Poly1305 AEAD as specified in RFC 7539.
x/crypto/cryptobytePackage cryptobyte contains types that help with parsing and constructing length-prefixed, binary messages, including ASN.1 DER.
x/crypto/cryptobyte/asn1Package asn1 contains supporting types for parsing and building ASN.1 messages with the cryptobyte package.
x/crypto/curve25519Package curve25519 provides an implementation of scalar multiplication on the elliptic curve known as curve25519.
x/crypto/hkdfPackage hkdf implements the HMAC-based Extract-and-Expand Key Derivation Function (HKDF) as defined in RFC 5869.
x/crypto/internal/chacha20Package ChaCha20 implements the core ChaCha20 function as specified in https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc7539#section-2.3.
x/crypto/poly1305Package poly1305 implements Poly1305 one-time message authentication code as specified in https://cr.yp.to/mac/poly1305-20050329.pdf.
x/net/dns/dnsmessagePackage dnsmessage provides a mostly RFC 1035 compliant implementation of DNS message packing and unpacking.
x/net/http2/hpackPackage hpack implements HPACK, a compression format for efficiently representing HTTP header fields in the context of HTTP/2.
x/net/http/httpgutsPackage httpguts provides functions implementing various details of the HTTP specification.
x/net/http/httpproxyPackage httpproxy provides support for HTTP proxy determination based on environment variables, as provided by net/http's ProxyFromEnvironment function.
x/net/idnaPackage idna implements IDNA2008 using the compatibility processing defined by UTS (Unicode Technical Standard) #46, which defines a standard to deal with the transition from IDNA2003.
x/net/routePackage route provides basic functions for the manipulation of packet routing facilities on BSD variants.
x/text/securesecure is a repository of text security related packages.
x/text/secure/bidirulePackage bidirule implements the Bidi Rule defined by RFC 5893.
x/text/transformPackage transform provides reader and writer wrappers that transform the bytes passing through as well as various transformations.
x/text/unicodeunicode holds packages with implementations of Unicode standards that are mostly used as building blocks for other packages in internal/x/text, layout engines, or are otherwise more low-level in nature.
x/text/unicode/bidiPackage bidi contains functionality for bidirectional text support.
x/text/unicode/normPackage norm contains types and functions for normalizing Unicode strings.

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