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package verifier

import ""


Package Files

k8s_util.go verifier.go

func AllOperatorsInCluster Uses

func AllOperatorsInCluster(client dynamic.Interface) ([]*v1alpha1.IstioOperator, error)

Find all IstioOperator in the cluster.

type StatusVerifier Uses

type StatusVerifier struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

StatusVerifier checks status of certain resources like deployment, jobs and also verifies count of certain resource types.

func NewStatusVerifier Uses

func NewStatusVerifier(istioNamespace, manifestsPath, kubeconfig, context string,
    filenames []string, controlPlaneOpts clioptions.ControlPlaneOptions,
    logger clog.Logger, installedIOP *v1alpha1.IstioOperator) *StatusVerifier

NewStatusVerifier creates a new instance of post-install verifier which checks the status of various resources from the manifest. TODO(su225): This is doing too many things. Refactor: break it down

func (*StatusVerifier) Colorize Uses

func (v *StatusVerifier) Colorize()

func (*StatusVerifier) Verify Uses

func (v *StatusVerifier) Verify() error

Verify implements Verifier interface. Here we check status of deployment and jobs, count various resources for verification.

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