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package clusters

import ""


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type ConfigWriter Uses

type ConfigWriter struct {
    Stdout io.Writer
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

ConfigWriter is a writer for processing responses from the Envoy Admin config_dump endpoint

func (*ConfigWriter) Prime Uses

func (c *ConfigWriter) Prime(b []byte) error

Prime loads the clusters output into the writer ready for printing

func (*ConfigWriter) PrintEndpoints Uses

func (c *ConfigWriter) PrintEndpoints(filter EndpointFilter) error

PrintEndpoints prints the endpoints config to the ConfigWriter stdout

func (*ConfigWriter) PrintEndpointsSummary Uses

func (c *ConfigWriter) PrintEndpointsSummary(filter EndpointFilter) error

PrintEndpointsSummary prints just the endpoints config summary to the ConfigWriter stdout

type EndpointCluster Uses

type EndpointCluster struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

EndpointCluster is used to store the endpoint and cluster

type EndpointFilter Uses

type EndpointFilter struct {
    Address string
    Port    uint32
    Cluster string
    Status  string

EndpointFilter is used to pass filter information into route based config writer print functions

func (*EndpointFilter) Verify Uses

func (e *EndpointFilter) Verify(host *adminapi.HostStatus, cluster string) bool

Verify returns true if the passed host matches the filter fields

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