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package controlplane

import ""


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type IstioControlPlane Uses

type IstioControlPlane struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

IstioControlPlane is an installation of an Istio control plane.

func NewIstioControlPlane Uses

func NewIstioControlPlane(installSpec *v1alpha1.IstioOperatorSpec, translator *translate.Translator) (*IstioControlPlane, error)

NewIstioControlPlane creates a new IstioControlPlane and returns a pointer to it.

func (*IstioControlPlane) RenderManifest Uses

func (i *IstioControlPlane) RenderManifest() (manifests name.ManifestMap, errsOut util.Errors)

RenderManifest returns a manifest rendered against

func (*IstioControlPlane) Run Uses

func (i *IstioControlPlane) Run() error

Run starts the Istio control plane.

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