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package gateway

import ""


Package Files

controller.go conversion.go


const (
    ControllerName = ""

func NewController Uses

func NewController(client kubernetes.Interface, c model.ConfigStoreCache, options controller2.Options) model.ConfigStoreCache

type IstioResources Uses

type IstioResources struct {
    Gateway         []config.Config
    VirtualService  []config.Config
    DestinationRule []config.Config

type KubernetesResources Uses

type KubernetesResources struct {
    GatewayClass  []config.Config
    Gateway       []config.Config
    HTTPRoute     []config.Config
    TCPRoute      []config.Config
    TLSRoute      []config.Config
    BackendPolicy []config.Config
    Namespaces    map[string]*corev1.Namespace

    // Domain for the cluster. Typically cluster.local
    Domain string

type RouteKey Uses

type RouteKey struct {
    Gvk       config.GroupVersionKind
    Name      string
    Namespace string

Unique key to identify a route

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