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package grpcgen

import ""


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const (

    // ClusterType is used for cluster discovery. Typically first request received
    ClusterType = typePrefix + "Cluster"
    // ListenerType is sent after clusters and endpoints.
    ListenerType = typePrefix + "Listener"
    // RouteType is sent after listeners.
    RouteType = typePrefix + "RouteConfiguration"

type GrpcConfigGenerator Uses

type GrpcConfigGenerator struct {

func (*GrpcConfigGenerator) BuildClusters Uses

func (g *GrpcConfigGenerator) BuildClusters(node *model.Proxy, push *model.PushContext, names []string) []*any.Any

Handle a gRPC CDS request, used with the 'ApiListener' style of requests. The main difference is that the request includes Resources.

func (*GrpcConfigGenerator) BuildHTTPRoutes Uses

func (g *GrpcConfigGenerator) BuildHTTPRoutes(node *model.Proxy, push *model.PushContext, routeNames []string) []*any.Any

handleSplitRDS supports per-VIP routes, as used by GRPC. This mode is indicated by using names containing full host:port instead of just port. Returns true of the request is of this type.

func (*GrpcConfigGenerator) BuildListeners Uses

func (g *GrpcConfigGenerator) BuildListeners(node *model.Proxy, push *model.PushContext, names []string) []*any.Any

handleLDSApiType handles a LDS request, returning listeners of ApiListener type. The request may include a list of resource names, using the full_hostname[:port] format to select only specific services.

func (*GrpcConfigGenerator) Generate Uses

func (g *GrpcConfigGenerator) Generate(proxy *model.Proxy, push *model.PushContext,
    w *model.WatchedResource, updates *model.PushRequest) (model.Resources, error)

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