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package util

import ""


Package Files

certutil.go configutil.go

func InsertDataToConfigMap Uses

func InsertDataToConfigMap(client corev1.ConfigMapsGetter, meta metav1.ObjectMeta, data map[string]string) error

InsertDataToConfigMap inserts a data to a configmap in a namespace. client: the k8s client interface. namespace: the namespace of the configmap. value: the value of the data to insert. configName: the name of the configmap. dataName: the name of the data in the configmap.

func UpdateDataInConfigMap Uses

func UpdateDataInConfigMap(client corev1.ConfigMapsGetter, cm *v1.ConfigMap, data map[string]string) error

type CertUtil Uses

type CertUtil interface {
    // GetWaitTime returns the waiting time before renewing the certificate.
    GetWaitTime([]byte, time.Time, time.Duration) (time.Duration, error)

CertUtil is an interface for utility functions on certificate.

type CertUtilImpl Uses

type CertUtilImpl struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

CertUtilImpl is the implementation of CertUtil, for production use.

func NewCertUtil Uses

func NewCertUtil(gracePeriodPercentage int) CertUtilImpl

NewCertUtil returns a new CertUtilImpl

func (CertUtilImpl) GetWaitTime Uses

func (cu CertUtilImpl) GetWaitTime(certBytes []byte, now time.Time, minGracePeriod time.Duration) (time.Duration, error)

GetWaitTime returns the waititng time before renewing the cert, based on current time, the timestamps in cert and graceperiod.



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