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package common

import ""

Package common contains resource names, which may vary from version to version.


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const (
    ProxyContainerName     = "istio-proxy"
    DiscoveryContainerName = "discovery"
    OperatorContainerName  = "istio-operator"

func IsDiscoveryContainer Uses

func IsDiscoveryContainer(clusterVersion, container string, labels map[string]string) bool

IsDiscoveryContainer reports whether the given container is an Istio discovery container for the given version. Labels are the labels for the given pod.

func IsOperatorContainer Uses

func IsOperatorContainer(_, container string) bool

IsOperatorContainer reports whether the container is an istio-operator container.

func IsProxyContainer Uses

func IsProxyContainer(_, container string) bool

IsProxyContainer reports whether container is an istio proxy container.

func IstiodDebugURLs Uses

func IstiodDebugURLs(clusterVersion string) []string

IstiodDebugURLs returns a list of Istiod debug URLs for the given version.

func LogAndPrintf Uses

func LogAndPrintf(format string, a ...interface{})

func ProxyDebugURLs Uses

func ProxyDebugURLs(clusterVersion string) []string

ProxyDebugURLs returns a list of proxy debug URLs for the given version.

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