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package initializer

import "k8s.io/apiserver/pkg/admission/plugin/webhook/initializer"


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type PluginInitializer Uses

type PluginInitializer struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

PluginInitializer is used for initialization of the webhook admission plugin.

func NewPluginInitializer Uses

func NewPluginInitializer(
    authenticationInfoResolverWrapper webhook.AuthenticationInfoResolverWrapper,
    serviceResolver webhook.ServiceResolver,
) *PluginInitializer

NewPluginInitializer constructs new instance of PluginInitializer

func (*PluginInitializer) Initialize Uses

func (i *PluginInitializer) Initialize(plugin admission.Interface)

Initialize checks the initialization interfaces implemented by each plugin and provide the appropriate initialization data

type ServiceResolver Uses

type ServiceResolver interface {
    ResolveEndpoint(namespace, name string, port int32) (*url.URL, error)

ServiceResolver knows how to convert a service reference into an actual location.

type WantsAuthenticationInfoResolverWrapper Uses

type WantsAuthenticationInfoResolverWrapper interface {
    SetAuthenticationInfoResolverWrapper(wrapper webhook.AuthenticationInfoResolverWrapper)

WantsAuthenticationInfoResolverWrapper defines a function that wraps the standard AuthenticationInfoResolver to allow the apiserver to control what is returned as auth info

type WantsServiceResolver Uses

type WantsServiceResolver interface {

WantsServiceResolver defines a function that accepts a ServiceResolver for admission plugins that need to make calls to services.

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