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package debug

import "k8s.io/apiserver/pkg/util/flowcontrol/debug"


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type QueueDump Uses

type QueueDump struct {
    Requests          []RequestDump
    VirtualStart      float64
    ExecutingRequests int

QueueDump is an instant dump of one queue in a queue-set.

type QueueSetDump Uses

type QueueSetDump struct {
    Queues    []QueueDump
    Waiting   int
    Executing int

QueueSetDump is an instant dump of queue-set.

type RequestDump Uses

type RequestDump struct {
    MatchedFlowSchema string
    FlowDistinguisher string
    ArriveTime        time.Time
    StartTime         time.Time
    // request details
    UserName    string
    RequestInfo request.RequestInfo

RequestDump is an instant dump of one requests pending in the queue.

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