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package testing

import ""


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func GenerateSelfSignedCert Uses

func GenerateSelfSignedCert(t *testing.T, host, certPath, keyPath string)

generateSelfSignedCert generates a self-signed cert/key pairs and writes to the certPath/keyPath. This method is mostly identical to crypto.GenerateSelfSignedCert except for the 'IsCA' and 'KeyUsage' in the certificate template. (Maybe we can merge these two methods).

type OIDCProvider Uses

type OIDCProvider struct {
    Mux     *http.ServeMux
    PCFG    oidc.ProviderConfig
    PrivKey *key.PrivateKey
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewOIDCProvider Uses

func NewOIDCProvider(t *testing.T, issuerPath string) *OIDCProvider

NewOIDCProvider provides a bare minimum OIDC IdP Server useful for testing.

func (*OIDCProvider) ServeTLSWithKeyPair Uses

func (op *OIDCProvider) ServeTLSWithKeyPair(cert, key string) (*httptest.Server, error)

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