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package portforward

import ""

Package portforward adds support for SSH-like port forwarding from the client's local host to remote containers.


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const PortForwardProtocolV1Name = ""

TODO move to API machinery and re-unify with kubelet/server/portfoward The subprotocol "" is used for port forwarding.

type ForwardedPort Uses

type ForwardedPort struct {
    Local  uint16
    Remote uint16

ForwardedPort contains a Local:Remote port pairing.

type PortForwarder Uses

type PortForwarder struct {
    Ready chan struct{}
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

PortForwarder knows how to listen for local connections and forward them to a remote pod via an upgraded HTTP request.

func New Uses

func New(dialer httpstream.Dialer, ports []string, stopChan <-chan struct{}, readyChan chan struct{}, out, errOut io.Writer) (*PortForwarder, error)

New creates a new PortForwarder.

func (*PortForwarder) Close Uses

func (pf *PortForwarder) Close()

func (*PortForwarder) ForwardPorts Uses

func (pf *PortForwarder) ForwardPorts() error

ForwardPorts formats and executes a port forwarding request. The connection will remain open until stopChan is closed.

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