argsPackage args has common command-line flags for generation programs.
examples/deepcopy-gendeepcopy-gen is a tool for auto-generating DeepCopy functions.
examples/deepcopy-gen/output_tests/aliasesThis is a test package.
examples/deepcopy-gen/output_tests/builtinsThis is a test package.
examples/deepcopy-gen/output_tests/interfacesThis is a test package.
examples/deepcopy-gen/output_tests/mapsThis is a test package.
examples/deepcopy-gen/output_tests/pointerThis is a test package.
examples/deepcopy-gen/output_tests/slicesThis is a test package.
examples/deepcopy-gen/output_tests/structsThis is a test package.
examples/deepcopy-gen/output_tests/wholepkgThis is a test package.
examples/defaulter-gendefaulter-gen is a tool for auto-generating Defaulter functions.
examples/import-bossimport-boss enforces import restrictions in a given repository.
examples/import-boss/generatorsPackage generators has the generators for the import-boss utility.
examples/set-genset-gen is an example usage of go2idl.
examples/set-gen/generatorsPackage generators has the generators for the set-gen utility.
examples/set-gen/setsPackage sets has auto-generated set types.
examples/set-gen/sets/typesPackage types just provides input types to the set generator.
generatorPackage generator defines an interface for code generators to implement.
namerPackage namer has support for making different type naming systems.
parserPackage parser provides code to parse go files, type-check them, extract the types.
typesPackage types contains go type information, packaged in a way that makes auto-generation convenient, whether by template or straight go functions.

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