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package generators

import "k8s.io/kube-openapi/pkg/generators"


Package Files

api_linter.go config.go extension.go openapi.go union.go

func DefaultNameSystem Uses

func DefaultNameSystem() string

DefaultNameSystem returns the default name system for ordering the types to be processed by the generators in this package.

func NameSystems Uses

func NameSystems() namer.NameSystems

NameSystems returns the name system used by the generators in this package.

func Packages Uses

func Packages(context *generator.Context, arguments *args.GeneratorArgs) generator.Packages

type APIRule Uses

type APIRule interface {
    // Validate evaluates API rule on type t and returns a list of field names in
    // the type that violate the rule. Empty field name [""] implies the entire
    // type violates the rule.
    Validate(t *types.Type) ([]string, error)

    // Name returns the name of APIRule
    Name() string

APIRule is the interface for validating API rule on Go types


rulesPackage rules contains API rules that are enforced in OpenAPI spec generation as part of the machinery.

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