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package features

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/cmd/kubeadm/app/features"


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const (
    // IPv6DualStack is expected to be alpha in v1.16
    IPv6DualStack = "IPv6DualStack"
    // PublicKeysECDSA is expected to be alpha in v1.19
    PublicKeysECDSA = "PublicKeysECDSA"


var InitFeatureGates = FeatureList{
    IPv6DualStack:   {FeatureSpec: featuregate.FeatureSpec{Default: false, PreRelease: featuregate.Alpha}},
    PublicKeysECDSA: {FeatureSpec: featuregate.FeatureSpec{Default: false, PreRelease: featuregate.Alpha}},

InitFeatureGates are the default feature gates for the init command

func CheckDeprecatedFlags Uses

func CheckDeprecatedFlags(f *FeatureList, features map[string]bool) map[string]string

CheckDeprecatedFlags takes a list of existing feature gate flags and validates against the current feature flag set. It used during upgrades for ensuring consistency of feature gates used in an existing cluster, that might be created with a previous version of kubeadm, with the set of features currently supported by kubeadm

func Enabled Uses

func Enabled(featureList map[string]bool, featureName string) bool

Enabled indicates whether a feature name has been enabled

func Keys Uses

func Keys(featureList FeatureList) []string

Keys returns a slice of feature names for a given feature set

func KnownFeatures Uses

func KnownFeatures(f *FeatureList) []string

KnownFeatures returns a slice of strings describing the FeatureList features.

func NewFeatureGate Uses

func NewFeatureGate(f *FeatureList, value string) (map[string]bool, error)

NewFeatureGate parses a string of the form "key1=value1,key2=value2,..." into a map[string]bool of known keys or returns an error.

func Supports Uses

func Supports(featureList FeatureList, featureName string) bool

Supports indicates whether a feature name is supported on the given feature set

func ValidateVersion Uses

func ValidateVersion(allFeatures FeatureList, requestedFeatures map[string]bool, requestedVersion string) error

ValidateVersion ensures that a feature gate list is compatible with the chosen Kubernetes version

type Feature Uses

type Feature struct {
    MinimumVersion     *version.Version
    HiddenInHelpText   bool
    DeprecationMessage string

Feature represents a feature being gated

type FeatureList Uses

type FeatureList map[string]Feature

FeatureList represents a list of feature gates

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