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package proxy

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/cmd/kubeadm/app/phases/addons/proxy"


Package Files

manifests.go proxy.go


const (
    KubeProxyConfigMap19 = "" /* 685 byte string literal not displayed */

    KubeProxyDaemonSet19 = "" /* 1567 byte string literal not displayed */

const (
    // KubeProxyClusterRoleName sets the name for the kube-proxy ClusterRole
    // TODO: This k8s-generic, well-known constant should be fetchable from another source, not be in this package
    KubeProxyClusterRoleName = "system:node-proxier"

    // KubeProxyServiceAccountName describes the name of the ServiceAccount for the kube-proxy addon
    KubeProxyServiceAccountName = "kube-proxy"

func CreateRBACRules Uses

func CreateRBACRules(client clientset.Interface) error

CreateRBACRules creates the essential RBAC rules for a minimally set-up cluster

func CreateServiceAccount Uses

func CreateServiceAccount(client clientset.Interface) error

CreateServiceAccount creates the necessary serviceaccounts that kubeadm uses/might use, if they don't already exist.

func EnsureProxyAddon Uses

func EnsureProxyAddon(cfg *kubeadmapi.ClusterConfiguration, localEndpoint *kubeadmapi.APIEndpoint, client clientset.Interface) error

EnsureProxyAddon creates the kube-proxy addons

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