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package clusterinfo

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/cmd/kubeadm/app/phases/bootstraptoken/clusterinfo"


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const (
    // BootstrapSignerClusterRoleName sets the name for the ClusterRole that allows access to ConfigMaps in the kube-public ns
    BootstrapSignerClusterRoleName = "kubeadm:bootstrap-signer-clusterinfo"

func CreateBootstrapConfigMapIfNotExists Uses

func CreateBootstrapConfigMapIfNotExists(client clientset.Interface, file string) error

CreateBootstrapConfigMapIfNotExists creates the kube-public ConfigMap if it doesn't exist already

func CreateClusterInfoRBACRules Uses

func CreateClusterInfoRBACRules(client clientset.Interface) error

CreateClusterInfoRBACRules creates the RBAC rules for exposing the cluster-info ConfigMap in the kube-public namespace to unauthenticated users

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