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package dryrun

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/cmd/kubeadm/app/util/dryrun"


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func NewWaiter Uses

func NewWaiter() apiclient.Waiter

NewWaiter returns a new Waiter object that talks to the given Kubernetes cluster

func PrintDryRunFile Uses

func PrintDryRunFile(fileName, realDir, printDir string, w io.Writer) error

PrintDryRunFile is a helper method around PrintDryRunFiles

func PrintDryRunFiles Uses

func PrintDryRunFiles(files []FileToPrint, w io.Writer) error

PrintDryRunFiles prints the contents of the FileToPrints given to it to the writer w

type FileToPrint Uses

type FileToPrint struct {
    RealPath  string
    PrintPath string

FileToPrint represents a temporary file on disk that might want to be aliased when printing Useful for things like loading a file from /tmp/ but saying to the user "Would write file foo to /etc/kubernetes/..."

func NewFileToPrint Uses

func NewFileToPrint(realPath, printPath string) FileToPrint

NewFileToPrint makes a new instance of FileToPrint with the specified arguments

type Waiter Uses

type Waiter struct{}

Waiter is an implementation of apiclient.Waiter that should be used for dry-running

func (*Waiter) SetTimeout Uses

func (w *Waiter) SetTimeout(_ time.Duration)

SetTimeout is a no-op; we don't wait in this implementation

func (*Waiter) WaitForAPI Uses

func (w *Waiter) WaitForAPI() error

WaitForAPI just returns a dummy nil, to indicate that the program should just proceed

func (*Waiter) WaitForHealthyKubelet Uses

func (w *Waiter) WaitForHealthyKubelet(_ time.Duration, healthzEndpoint string) error

WaitForHealthyKubelet blocks until the kubelet /healthz endpoint returns 'ok'

func (*Waiter) WaitForKubeletAndFunc Uses

func (w *Waiter) WaitForKubeletAndFunc(f func() error) error

WaitForKubeletAndFunc is a wrapper for WaitForHealthyKubelet that also blocks for a function

func (*Waiter) WaitForPodToDisappear Uses

func (w *Waiter) WaitForPodToDisappear(podName string) error

WaitForPodToDisappear just returns a dummy nil, to indicate that the program should just proceed

func (*Waiter) WaitForPodsWithLabel Uses

func (w *Waiter) WaitForPodsWithLabel(kvLabel string) error

WaitForPodsWithLabel just returns a dummy nil, to indicate that the program should just proceed

func (*Waiter) WaitForStaticPodControlPlaneHashes Uses

func (w *Waiter) WaitForStaticPodControlPlaneHashes(_ string) (map[string]string, error)

WaitForStaticPodControlPlaneHashes returns an empty hash for all control plane images;

func (*Waiter) WaitForStaticPodHashChange Uses

func (w *Waiter) WaitForStaticPodHashChange(_, _, _ string) error

WaitForStaticPodHashChange returns a dummy nil error in order for the flow to just continue as we're dryrunning

func (*Waiter) WaitForStaticPodSingleHash Uses

func (w *Waiter) WaitForStaticPodSingleHash(_ string, _ string) (string, error)

WaitForStaticPodSingleHash returns an empty hash but the empty strings there are needed

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