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package testapi

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/pkg/api/testapi"

Package testapi provides a helper for retrieving the KUBE_TEST_API environment variable.

TODO(lavalamp): this package is a huge disaster at the moment. I intend to refactor. All code currently using this package should change: 1. Declare your own api.Registry.APIGroupRegistrationManager in your own test code. 2. Import the relevant install packages. 3. Register the types you need, from the announced.APIGroupAnnouncementManager.


Package Files


func StorageMediaType Uses

func StorageMediaType() string

StorageMediaType finds media type set by KUBE_TEST_API_STORAGE_TYPE env var used to store objects in storage

type TestGroup Uses

type TestGroup struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

TestGroup contains GroupVersion to uniquely identify the API

var (
    Groups      = make(map[string]TestGroup)
    Default     TestGroup
    Autoscaling TestGroup
    Batch       TestGroup
    Extensions  TestGroup
    Apps        TestGroup
    Policy      TestGroup
    Rbac        TestGroup
    Storage     TestGroup
    Admission   TestGroup

Variables to store GroupName

func (TestGroup) Codec Uses

func (g TestGroup) Codec() runtime.Codec

Codec returns the codec for the API version to test against, as set by the KUBE_TEST_API_TYPE env var.

func (TestGroup) GroupVersion Uses

func (g TestGroup) GroupVersion() *schema.GroupVersion

GroupVersion makes copy of schema.GroupVersion

func (TestGroup) ResourcePath Uses

func (g TestGroup) ResourcePath(resource, namespace, name string) string

ResourcePath returns the appropriate path for the given resource, namespace and name. For example, this is of the form: /api/v1/namespaces/foo/pods/pod0 for v1.

func (TestGroup) ResourcePathWithPrefix Uses

func (g TestGroup) ResourcePathWithPrefix(prefix, resource, namespace, name string) string

ResourcePathWithPrefix returns the appropriate path for the given prefix (watch, proxy, redirect, etc), resource, namespace and name. For ex, this is of the form: /api/v1/watch/namespaces/foo/pods/pod0 for v1.

func (g TestGroup) SelfLink(resource, name string) string

SelfLink returns a self link that will appear to be for the version Version(). 'resource' should be the resource path, e.g. "pods" for the Pod type. 'name' should be empty for lists.

func (TestGroup) StorageCodec Uses

func (g TestGroup) StorageCodec() runtime.Codec

StorageCodec returns the codec for the API version to store in etcd, as set by the KUBE_TEST_API_STORAGE_TYPE env var.

func (TestGroup) SubResourcePath Uses

func (g TestGroup) SubResourcePath(resource, namespace, name, sub string) string

SubResourcePath returns the appropriate path for the given resource, namespace, name and subresource.

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