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package helper

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/pkg/apis/core/helper"


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var Semantic = conversion.EqualitiesOrDie(
    func(a, b resource.Quantity) bool {

        return a.Cmp(b) == 0
    func(a, b metav1.MicroTime) bool {
        return a.UTC() == b.UTC()
    func(a, b metav1.Time) bool {
        return a.UTC() == b.UTC()
    func(a, b labels.Selector) bool {
        return a.String() == b.String()
    func(a, b fields.Selector) bool {
        return a.String() == b.String()

Semantic can do semantic deep equality checks for core objects. Example: apiequality.Semantic.DeepEqual(aPod, aPodWithNonNilButEmptyMaps) == true

func AddOrUpdateTolerationInPod Uses

func AddOrUpdateTolerationInPod(pod *core.Pod, toleration *core.Toleration) bool

AddOrUpdateTolerationInPod tries to add a toleration to the pod's toleration list. Returns true if something was updated, false otherwise.

func GetAccessModesAsString Uses

func GetAccessModesAsString(modes []core.PersistentVolumeAccessMode) string

GetAccessModesAsString returns a string representation of an array of access modes. modes, when present, are always in the same order: RWO,ROX,RWX.

func GetAccessModesFromString Uses

func GetAccessModesFromString(modes string) []core.PersistentVolumeAccessMode

GetAccessModesFromString returns an array of AccessModes from a string created by GetAccessModesAsString

func GetPersistentVolumeClaimClass Uses

func GetPersistentVolumeClaimClass(claim *core.PersistentVolumeClaim) string

GetPersistentVolumeClaimClass returns StorageClassName. If no storage class was requested, it returns "".

func GetPersistentVolumeClass Uses

func GetPersistentVolumeClass(volume *core.PersistentVolume) string

GetPersistentVolumeClass returns StorageClassName.

func GetTaintsFromNodeAnnotations Uses

func GetTaintsFromNodeAnnotations(annotations map[string]string) ([]core.Taint, error)

GetTaintsFromNodeAnnotations gets the json serialized taints data from Pod.Annotations and converts it to the []Taint type in core.

func GetTolerationsFromPodAnnotations Uses

func GetTolerationsFromPodAnnotations(annotations map[string]string) ([]core.Toleration, error)

GetTolerationsFromPodAnnotations gets the json serialized tolerations data from Pod.Annotations and converts it to the []Toleration type in core.

func HugePageResourceName Uses

func HugePageResourceName(pageSize resource.Quantity) core.ResourceName

HugePageResourceName returns a ResourceName with the canonical hugepage prefix prepended for the specified page size. The page size is converted to its canonical representation.

func HugePageSizeFromResourceName Uses

func HugePageSizeFromResourceName(name core.ResourceName) (resource.Quantity, error)

HugePageSizeFromResourceName returns the page size for the specified huge page resource name. If the specified input is not a valid huge page resource name an error is returned.

func IsExtendedResourceName Uses

func IsExtendedResourceName(name core.ResourceName) bool

IsExtendedResourceName returns true if: 1. the resource name is not in the default namespace; 2. resource name does not have "requests." prefix, to avoid confusion with the convention in quota 3. it satisfies the rules in IsQualifiedName() after converted into quota resource name

func IsHugePageResourceName Uses

func IsHugePageResourceName(name core.ResourceName) bool

IsHugePageResourceName returns true if the resource name has the huge page resource prefix.

func IsIntegerResourceName Uses

func IsIntegerResourceName(str string) bool

IsIntegerResourceName returns true if the resource is measured in integer values

func IsNativeResource Uses

func IsNativeResource(name core.ResourceName) bool

IsNativeResource returns true if the resource name is in the *kubernetes.io/ namespace. Partially-qualified (unprefixed) names are implicitly in the kubernetes.io/ namespace.

func IsOvercommitAllowed Uses

func IsOvercommitAllowed(name core.ResourceName) bool

IsOvercommitAllowed returns true if the resource is in the default namespace and is not hugepages.

func IsQuotaHugePageResourceName Uses

func IsQuotaHugePageResourceName(name core.ResourceName) bool

IsQuotaHugePageResourceName returns true if the resource name has the quota related huge page resource prefix.

func IsResourceQuotaScopeValidForResource Uses

func IsResourceQuotaScopeValidForResource(scope core.ResourceQuotaScope, resource string) bool

IsResourceQuotaScopeValidForResource returns true if the resource applies to the specified scope

func IsServiceIPSet Uses

func IsServiceIPSet(service *core.Service) bool

IsServiceIPSet aims to check if the service's ClusterIP is set or not the objective is not to perform validation here

func IsStandardContainerResourceName Uses

func IsStandardContainerResourceName(str string) bool

IsStandardContainerResourceName returns true if the container can make a resource request for the specified resource

func IsStandardFinalizerName Uses

func IsStandardFinalizerName(str string) bool

IsStandardFinalizerName checks if the input string is a standard finalizer name

func IsStandardLimitRangeType Uses

func IsStandardLimitRangeType(str string) bool

IsStandardLimitRangeType returns true if the type is Pod or Container

func IsStandardQuotaResourceName Uses

func IsStandardQuotaResourceName(str string) bool

IsStandardQuotaResourceName returns true if the resource is known to the quota tracking system

func IsStandardResourceName Uses

func IsStandardResourceName(str string) bool

IsStandardResourceName returns true if the resource is known to the system

func IsStandardResourceQuotaScope Uses

func IsStandardResourceQuotaScope(str string) bool

IsStandardResourceQuotaScope returns true if the scope is a standard value

func NodeSelectorRequirementsAsFieldSelector Uses

func NodeSelectorRequirementsAsFieldSelector(nsm []core.NodeSelectorRequirement) (fields.Selector, error)

NodeSelectorRequirementsAsFieldSelector converts the []NodeSelectorRequirement core type into a struct that implements fields.Selector.

func NodeSelectorRequirementsAsSelector Uses

func NodeSelectorRequirementsAsSelector(nsm []core.NodeSelectorRequirement) (labels.Selector, error)

NodeSelectorRequirementsAsSelector converts the []NodeSelectorRequirement core type into a struct that implements labels.Selector.

func NonConvertibleFields Uses

func NonConvertibleFields(annotations map[string]string) map[string]string

NonConvertibleFields iterates over the provided map and filters out all but any keys with the "non-convertible.kubernetes.io" prefix.

func PersistentVolumeClaimHasClass Uses

func PersistentVolumeClaimHasClass(claim *core.PersistentVolumeClaim) bool

PersistentVolumeClaimHasClass returns true if given claim has set StorageClassName field.

func ToPodResourcesSet Uses

func ToPodResourcesSet(podSpec *core.PodSpec) sets.String

ToPodResourcesSet returns a set of resource names in all containers in a pod.


qosNOTE: DO NOT use those helper functions through client-go, the package path will be changed in the future.

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